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Benjamin Peres and the %22Verticale.%22

Hi, I’m Benjamin. A photographer based in Madrid, Spain but originally from a little town in the South of France. A town called Six-Fours Les Plages.


Over the last 5 years, I travelled over 30 countries and lived in a few of them for a little while. Its during this period abroad, visiting different places and cultures that I decided to buy my first Camera. During this time, I’ve learned how to use my camera viewfinder to find the image that will match my expectation. 


Today, I have an honest passion for the art of photography. Such as starring at landscapes for hours (especially during sunrise & sunset), doing originals photoshoot session, walking in the streets and getting inspired.


I am an easy going and friendly guy. I‘m always happy to meet new people in life, as I have the same approach with my business partners. 

Regardless of the size of the project I am involved with, I bring the same energy and consistency to every job I attempt. When wrapping up a project, my main goal is to ensure every party is fully content with the final product. 


21-05 Photoshoot - Megan Core Music_-30.

Megan Core

Musician - Newcastle, Australia  

Benjamin was so professional and organised during our photoshoot. He had plenty of creative ideas and his friendly personality made the experience really fun and relaxed. I would definitely use his talents again!

16-06 - Photoshoot Wilhelmina_-22.jpg

Secretary of the Newcastle University Psychology Society - Newcastle, Australia  

Ben is easy to get along with and has you feeling at ease and comfortable around him; relaxed and ready for a fun shoot that I promise will be filled with laughter and creativity. He has an artistic mind where you can see him always thinking of something new to try with new clients. Loved my shoot so much.

29-05 - Photoshoot Louis_-18.jpg

Business Student - Newcastle, Australia  

Great freelance photographer, superb photoshoot, really professional and creative. I would be honoured to collaborate again with Benjamin. 

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