Hi, I’m Benjamin. A photographer based in Madrid, Spain but originally from a little town in the South of France. A town called Six-Fours Les Plages.


Over the last 5 years, I travelled over 30 countries and lived in a few of them for a little while. Its during this period abroad, visiting different places and cultures that I decided to buy my first Camera. During this time, I’ve learned how to use my camera viewfinder to find the image that will match my expectation. 


Today, I have an honest passion for the art of photography. Such as starring at landscapes for hours (especially during sunrise & sunset), doing originals photoshoot session, walking in the streets and getting inspired.


I am an easy going and friendly guy. I‘m always happy to meet new people in life, as I have the same approach with my business partners. 

Regardless of the size of the project I am involved with, I bring the same energy and consistency to every job I attempt. When wrapping up a project, my main goal is to ensure every party is fully content with the final product. 


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