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An afternoon in Lavapies - Madrid

Since I live in Madrid, I love to walk around different districts of the city. Sometimes with my digital camera and sometimes with my analogue one. On this day of November (2020), I walk to the "Plaza de Agustin Lara" next to the Mercado San Fernando and decided to stay there for the afternoon.

Lavapies is one of the most popular districts of Madrid center, and obviously the most cosmopolite one. You can find all types of restaurants and shops there. I recommend it to people visiting Madrid to not miss it.

A group of people quickly came to me, in a super friendly way and I went to sit with them. Being with my old Canon FTB from 1971 and a 50mm 1.2 (Kodak 400), I decided to shoot some photos of this welcoming group.

This photo series is quite short. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of not bringing more films for the camera with me.


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