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Dans mon Jardin.

Updated: May 19, 2020

April-May 2020.

"Dans mon Jardin" means "in my garden" in French. Similar to the Nuages series, the lockdown forced me to look at other type of photos inspiration.

After few days on Amazon and Pinterest, I ordered a few extension tubes (About 39€ for 3 - 12, 20 & 36mm - Link Below) to create macro photos. Extension tubes allow you to use a classic lens as a Macro Lens, and consequently save you some money.

The extension tube might give you some hard time. However, they will save you to spend hundreds of euros into something you're not even sure to like. Those extension tubes are not perfect in term of image quality, but they cost less than 40€ and literally pushed me more into the macro world. Try it.


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