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Filomena Storm in Madrid - Jan 2021

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

On Jan 9th, Madrid awoke in a critical condition. Chaos was reigning, and it was every man for themselves. The Spanish capital and the region had been left completely paralyzed by the snow. Temperatures reached -10 degrees, all the shops were closed and the city has not been cleaned for 4 days.

Well, I think people really needed this to share their happiness in the streets after almost a year living with the Covid 19 pandemic and having had their freedom strongly impacted.

Consequently, I decided to do like most of the people in Madrid this day and going in the streets. I did not expect to see that much snow in Madrid, and that much people in the streets with the pandemic. However, I saw people wearing fun costumes, people dancing on the street musician's melodies, families with kids building snowmen, or teenagers (and adults) participating in a giant snow battle on "La Puerta del Sol".

This is a good part of the snow in Madrid... but I could not conclude by the fact that so many homeless people were also in the street, staying out all day in the frozen cold. So my last word will be to not forget them. Try to be social with them, buying them a hot coffee or a hot sandwich will not kill you and might save them. #Weareallhumans

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