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Commissioned work for Gin 44ºN

In July 2020, while I was stuck because of Covid-19, Comte de Grasse (@comtedegrasse) (Cote d'Azur, France) commissioned me on the next commercial campaign for the premium gin's brand called Gin 44ºN. The location for the photoshoot was at Domaine de la Royrie in Grasse. I highly recommend visiting this winery, it's breathtaking.

La Côte d’Azur is an extraordinary landscape where the purest water works its way slowly through the mountains to the deep blue mediterranean sea. Where beautiful yellow sunshine benevolently nourishes some of the most precious botanicals in the world. A place that inspires poetry in mere mortals like us.

Named for the geographic coordinates of Grasse, 44°N’s tasting notes read like a who’s who of local botanicals set to the full spectrum dreamscape of the South of France.

You can purchase the bottle of Gin 44ºN here:

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